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Monday, January 10, 2011

Weak Point of Males & Females

                        Before we start the content we have something to say. That is all of you must remember that we are not talking about all people. Always & every where has a different situation. Some people are very different but they are very, very rear. We are talking for those who are not different. Let’s start to discuss.

Male- The weak point of a boy is not more then three or four. Those are Money, Girls, and the physical relation which is called sex. This is common to almost all boys. A girl can win a boy. A proverb goes that, “Boy’s are going up for girls and go down for girls.” To impress a boy is not easy but not so hard also. If a girl wants to impress a boy for her then here are tips for her. Hit in the personality of the boy. You can see the boy carefully to fix his personality. You also can impress a boy by confusing him about you. Remember, you can be impressed more deeply in the time of impress a boy. So do it carefully. Some boys probably shoot me if they will see this. So girls, don’t tell it to anyone.

Female- It is very hard to find out a boy who doesn’t know that how to impress a girl. The weak point of a girl is their vanity. Girls always prefer that she looks beautiful then others. So with those items which can make a girl beautiful anybody can impress a girl. Also they are fond of sex then boys but they are hiding this because they know that boys want this from them. Some girls used to make more then one boyfriend or makes relation with other boys after their marriage. Don’t do that, it reduces your self respect and makes you an unhappy human being.

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